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Attack of the Clones – Vlambeer Still Aren’t Flattered

April 22, 2013, Author: Matt Parker

Not too recently Vlambeer had huge success with their iOS game Ridiculous Fishing. It was a game that nearly never got released thanks to the demoralising effect that having your work copied and profited from will have.

It’s happened again. The next release from the Dutch indies, Luftrausers, has had exactly the same treatment.

I hope the Vlambeer guys keep their heads up throughout this. It’d be a great shame for Luftrausers’s release to be dented in any way by this blatant rip-off. On the company’s site they say;

“Against its will, Vlambeer was thrown headfirst into the cloning discussion, becoming somewhat of an icon of independent games being cloned – the term “Vlambeer’d” was introduced by several media outlets.”

Think of this post as a message to watch out for the clone and look forward to the real thing.

The clone’s called SkyFar and it’s on the App Store right now. Luftrausers isn’t out yet and doesn’t have a release date for iOS with only Vita, PS3, PC, Linux and Mac having been announced so far.

As if their lack of originality wasn’t bad enough, they’ve gone and used dubstep in their trailer. What is this, 2012? No thanks. Check out Luftrausers’s trailer instead so you know what to keep your eyes out for when it’s soon released. It also has no dubstep in it. Thumbs up.