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Could you survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

January 23, 2013, Author: Neil Hughes

Something has gone very wrong in deepest, darkest Cheshire, and I’m not talking about Hollyoaks. The reports we are hearing about seem to be much more reminiscent of the tales from Raccoon City. If that particular keyword has just captured your attention then you might want to read on.

Here at This Is My Joystick, OJ Borg and Matt Parker are preparing to experience the terror of taking out a whole horde of zombies that have taken over a manor house and its surrounding area.

The mission brief, states that “The world has descended into panic as the slow infestation of the undead marches across the globe, consuming everything living in its path. Not much is known about the source of infection but it quickly spread as borders crumbled and defences were overrun. Governments just failed to understand what they were up against. The world is in tatters; it’s time to start your survival plan!” Our intrepid duo now have a look of deep concern on their faces.

They will be armed with weapons and very basic training on how to keep themselves alive. However, this mission will not just be about shooting zombies. We have been advised that ammunition will be severely limited, with only a few opportunities to get more.

Although the default fantasy for most gamers is to fight their way through a zombie apocalypse (and our very own writers have been training for a moment like this their whole lives), they would be foolish to underestimate what will be waiting for them at the Manor.

For a rough idea of what to expect, take a look at this short promo video below.

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If there are any zombie apocalypse survivors out there, please leave your tips by commenting below, our boys are relying on you…

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