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Shovel Knight – A New Trailer I Can Dig

October 6, 2013, Author: Matt Parker

The reasons for me to buy a 3DS keep on growing. The new Pokemon title looks stunning, I loved what I played of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds and now there’s Shovel Knight.

An indie platformer from the people at Yacht Club Games, Shovel Knight looks set to hit you right in the nostalgia gland. Eww. That sounds disgusting. Let’s just have a look at the trailer, shall we?

From the look of the video, Shovel Knight is a real throwback to NES-era platformers. No doubt 3DS’s and WiiU controllers are quaking in fear at the thought of behind hurled through a window.

In a time where Kickstarter-funded games are hardly looked upon in the best of lights, I’m pleased to see shovel Knight‘s development and funding be drama free. Let’s hope I haven’t jinxed it and we can all look forward to playing it sometime this ‘winter’. It should be available on WiiU, 3DS and Steam (Windows and Mac and Linux).

Source: IndieGames