Setting Precedents: The Xbox One Price Drop in the UK and Titanfall Bundle

March 4, 2014, Author: Josué Cardona

Microsoft recently made two announcements that are absolutely going to influence whether or not (and how) I buy a Xbox One in the near future: A price drop and a Titanfall bundle.

People often say “I’ll wait for the inevitable price drop” when they want to buy a new console. I’m one of those people, but sometimes you don’t want to wait and you just buy it anyway, especially when there are no signs of a cut.

So what happens when the first price drop finally arrives?

To be completely fair, the Xbox One is so ridiculously overpriced in the UK compared to here in the US that even with a £30 ($50 USD) drop I still couldn’t imagine paying that much. Even knowing that, the effect it has on me is that I want a price drop too. A $50 drop would be a huge factor in my decision to buy a console I’m already interested in buying.

Whether the price drop arrives soon or not, I am now actively waiting for it. It happened in the UK only three months after its launch so why can’t it happen here?

Congratulations Microsoft: You just set a precedent for a discounted Xbox One so I’m not buying one until my region gets a price drop too… Probably. That’s how I feel right now and it’s hard not to think this way. The follow-up question on everyone’s mind here in the US has inevitably been ‘are we getting a price drop too?’

Did you already pay for Titanfall? Thanks! By the way, new Xbox One owners will get if for free. - EA and Microsoft

“Did you already pay for Titanfall? Thanks! By the way, new Xbox One owners will get it for free!” – EA and Microsoft

I don’t know about you, but the main reason why I’m interested in the Xbox One at this point is to play Titanfall. I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way, so getting the game free with a purchase of the system is extremely appealing. It is a very smart way to shift units and anyone who was waiting for some sort of bundle or deal will be handsomely rewarded for their three-month-long wait, especially if they live in the UK.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it’s obviously better value than picking up the system and the game separately. Yet I can’t help think that I would be very bothered by this if I had recently bought the console and pre-ordered the game. Depending on how recently I had purchased the console, I might even consider returning it. $60 is a lot of money afterall.

Also, the game is free with your purchase. Not discounted; absolutely free. This surprised me because I was expecting a discounted bundle. This is the most anticipated game at this point of 2014 and people are willing to pay for it.

Yet, this is about Microsoft moving hardware and this type of bundle happens all the time. However, to announce it two weeks before the game’s release seems a little manipulative and/or desperate and, we all know this is not the first time Microsoft has seemed desperate when it comes to the Xbox One.

Either way, Microsoft just set another precedent here regarding big releases. The next time a huge game comes out on Xbox One (Maybe Halo 5?) I’ll be expecting a bundle that includes a completely free copy of the game right up to the last minute. Again, it seems manipulative and not exactly in good faith.

Sadly, these kinds of announcements are definitely influencing my upcoming purchases.

What about you, are you affected by news of a price drop in another region?