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Advent Calendar Giveaway! Day 19: NFS: The Run (Xbox 360)

December 19, 2011, Author: James Joell-Ireland

We believe that Christmas is all about family and friends, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t like a present or two! That is why for the next six days we’ll be giving away prizes to our members, and you couldn’t find an easier place to be in with a chance of winning.

All you have to do is follow us on our social media outlets, we’ll be picking daily winners from our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, along with prizes for our forum members.

Read the rest of this article to get more information on what you can win today and how you can join our social networks.

Today’s Prize: Need for Speed: The Run (PAL Xbox 360)

As we get closer to the 24th day on our Christmas giveaway, the prizes are going to be getting more and more impressive. So how’s about this then? You could be playing the latest Need for Speed to grace home consoles this year.

You are, however, going to have to work a little harder for this one. We want you to design us a car with a ThisIsMyJoystick Logo livery on it. You can use games like Forza, or perhaps if you are the master of Photoshop you could dabble in there and put something together. Perhaps you’d like to really impress us, do a speed drawing and send it as a video response on our YouTube channel? You can post entries on our forums, link us to some images in the comments section, whatever you feel like really!

If anyone does make a car on Forza, be sure to keep it in your garage so we can download the car from you at some point! A unique twist to our competition and we appreciate that this one may take a couple of hours to achieve greatness, so we are giving you until midnight Wednesday this week to submit your entries, and we’ll announce a winner in the comments section.

Due to the Xmas post, winners will be sent this item in the new year. Also due to the nature of code, please note it is PAL territory and we’ll only be accepting entries from UK/EU territories for this competition. Best of luck! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!