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CD Projekt Red: DLC shouldn’t be priced

August 10, 2012, Author: Andy Corrigan

While I didn’t get on with The Witcher 2 quite as well as I’d hoped, I definitely have to admire CD Projekt Red’s ability to treat their consumers with the upmost respect. Their outlook is consistently refreshing in this respect, evident by the way they continually choose not to burden the player with the type of restrictive, always-online DRM that has plagued Ubisoft’s recent PC endeavours.

Now, they have endeared me that little bit further, by elaborating on their belief that DLC should be a free, post-sale service.

In an excellent interview courtesy of VG247’s Dave Cook, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz was pressed on the ethics of DLC delivery:

“We’ve always believed in free DLCs. The thing is that we consider DLCs as a normal post sale service, which shouldn’t be priced. Back when retail games were dominant, we had expansion packs. These were really large chunks of content, which were worth their price. If today’s DLCs offered the same amount of content, they would be worth paying for, but in most cases players think they are overcharged for what they receive. That’s why we offer expansions to our game for free. This is also a way of saying “thank you” to the people who decided to buy our game instead of copying it from an unauthorised source.”

In a world where content is cut from games to sell later, where you need to buy additional content that’s on the disc you already bought, or service policies that “protect” us from great value, it’s heartening to see that somewhere there’s a company that not only gives a damn about the people who buy their games, but looks to reward them too.

I wholeheartedly recommend reading the whole interview, found here.

(Source: VG247.com)