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Competition: Tiny Brains

January 17, 2014, Author: Neil Hughes

Tiny Brains is a cooperative puzzler that follows four super-powered lab animals in their attempt to escape a mad scientist’s nefarious experiments. In this joyously chaotic multiplayer experience, the four “Tiny Brains” must combine their unique physics-based powers to navigate through a trick-ridden maze.

Tiny Brains is a PlayStation 4 title but is also available for PS3 and Windows PC, and the nice people at Spearhead Games have given us a PC Code for a lucky reader of This Is My Joystick.

All of the puzzles in Tiny Brains can be solved multiple ways depending on how groups combine their powers. The game has competitive and challenging fast-paced communicative play, along with simple controls so players of any level can jump right in.

With local and online drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, a full co-op campaign and additional challenge and competitive modes, Tiny Brains has been described as a truly social, next generation title.

Step forward Simon Darveau (design director on Assassin’s Creed III naval battles) and Malik Boukhira (game designer on Assassin’s Creed II and Dead Space 3) who have a familiar story of being AAA veterans-turned-indie-developers now on on a mission to bring an indie game with substance to gamers.

What you need to do to win a PC Code for Tiny Brains?

First off, this competition is only open to people who are following us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or have signed up to This Is My Joystick.

To be in with a chance of winning a PC Code of Tiny Brains, all we ask is that you comment below this post, Tweet a link to this competition page or comment the promotional post for this article on our Facebook page.

Rules and Information:

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  2. Tweet a link to this completion page on Twitter using the hashtag #TIMJComp or post a comment next to this post on Facebook or simply comment below.
  3. Competition Terms and Conditions
  4. Winner will be announced on Saturday 18th January 2013.

The winner will be contacted directly via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook once the competition closes.