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The Last of Us Competition: Take a photo, win goodies!

June 3, 2013, Author: Neil Hickton

This is my Joystick have teamed up with Naughty Dog to bring you a competition, giving you the opportunity to win some The Last of Us goodies.

First off, this competition is only open to people who are following us on Twitter or like us on Facebook so make sure you are doing one or both. Your support is very much appreciated and helps all of us here at This is my Joystick to retain our very high levels of passion and desire to keep on bringing you great articles, reviews and features. Show us love and we will reciprocate, I promise.

What you need to do
Send us a picture of yourself having been infected by Cordyceps, we leave it up to you how you work this out (please don’t really get infected, that might ruin your day), but it could be a digitally altered image of yourself or you could use props and/or makeup. Go wild.

The best, as judged by us will win a bunch of cool The Last of Us merchandise. While it will be a fair competition because the best photo will win, extra kudos will go to those that love to retweet or like our articles via facebook (not just this article).

Want to win this gear?

Want to win this gear?


  1. The picture has to be of you or your friends, not one ripped-off the internet. Ensure to include in the photo you holding up something with the words “The Last of Us” on it.
  2. You have to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.
  3. Send your picture to us via Twitter using the hastag #TIMJNaughtyDogComp or Facebook or if you’re bashful you can email it to podcast@thisismyjoystick.com (please provide your full Twitter tag and/or your name on Facebook so we know who you are! Also title it “TIMJNaughtyDogComp” so we can find it.)
  4. This is my Joystick’s decision is final.
  5. You have until the 14th June 2013, so, go get creative and good luck!

The winner will be contacted directly via Twitter or Facebook once the competition closes, so that we know where to send all this lovely The Last of Us merchandise.