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TIMJ partners up with Raptr!

May 26, 2011, Author: Andy Corrigan

We are proud to announce our upcoming partnership with everybody’s favourite gaming stat-tracking service, Raptr! The service, which has over 8 Million users tracking their stats across pretty much every gaming platform available, is launching some exciting new features starting from today, and we’re pleased to be able say that we’ll be a part of it.

Raptr, the site that helps you keep a unified gaming identity online and lets you broadcast your gaming habits to your favourite social networks, has tracked over 150 million achievements (and many other habitual gaming stats) since its inception and continues to grow at a rate of nearly 500 users a month. Many of our own staff have been members for ages and I’m sure there’s more than a few in our readership.

Now in 2011, they’re launching a new service that will add personalised news feeds alongside the services they provide. Now that the new services are live, people can now drop by our sparkly new page and follow us (just as they would on Twitter) and link their Raptr friends to our stories and editorials that they think will interest them (this page is currently being fleshed out by the boys at Raptr).

Our content that also relates to the games that Raptr users are playing will appear on their own personal news feeds, which are now tailored to their own gaming habits.

An exciting service, I’m sure you’ll agree, and we’re proud to be included in the launch, providing us with a chance to put our content on the screens of more potential readers than ever before.

We’ll have news on further features coming as soon as we have them… So what are you waiting for? Go register!