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Win a Mass Effect Normandy Replica!

March 8, 2012, Author: Ray Willmott

The Reapers are coming. No matter what the galaxy chooses to believe, the arrival is now. There is no turning back.

So, it’s once again up to Shepard and the trusty crew of the Normandy to come in and save the day. You’d think they were getting bored of that by now.

Mass Effect 3 is set to be the biggest game release this year, and seeing as it’s launch week, we’re totally in an awesome intergalactic frame of mind. To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with EA and Bioware to give one lucky reader a collectible Normandy model.

‘HOWDOIENTERNOWZ?!!!’ I hear you scream! Follow on after the jump and all will be revealed.

So, you’re a Mass Effect fan and you want to win a model ship of the Normandy? Who wouldn’t right?

All you have to do to enter is join our forums and post a comment here, follow our Twitter Account (@MyJoystick) and tweet us using the hashtag #TIMJEffect, or ‘Like’ our Facebook page and comment, and tell us which race in the Mass Effect verse will win this war against the Reapers and why?

Turians? Quarians? Maybe Humanity, or how about the Volus? Choose any you like. Be creative and wow us with your knowledge of the series. The entry that entertains us the most will win the ship, and probably help save the universe… or something like that.

You have until Monday Evening 5pm GMT to get in your entries.

Make ’em count. You were born to do this!