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Hands On: Obscure

March 5, 2013, Author: Craig Tester

Remember that survival-horror game Obscure on PS2? You played as some students who had to stop other students that had been infected with some kind of plant spore, and the only way to stop them was with a flashlight. Well, this is… different.

Here you take control of one of four students and smash, grab, shoot and explode your way through a horde of mutants, while trying to complete mini objectives such as “save the children” by leading them to a school bus.

Of course, its not as straightforward as it sounds. Some of these kids won’t just eagerly follow you through a town full of hungry, violent mutants. They will need some persuading, such as throwing sweets for them to chase.

Obscure is stylish, funny and very fun to play. You can acquire better melee weapons and firearms, as well as special power ups to make mutilating your enemies that little bit more fun. Obscure also features up to four player co-op, so you can bring your friends!

Obscure will be available on Steam, XBLA and PSN in Spring 2013.