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The Last of Us Remastered

September 14, 2014, Author: Andy Corrigan

Despite really wanting to write about it last year, my packed schedule unfortunately meant that I had to pass our review for The Last of Us over to one of our contributors (and please check that review out too if you value multiple perspectives). When games get a re-release in this way, in many cases we get the original reviewer to revisit and then add to the existing review (see our Tomb Raider or Child of Light reviews as examples), but for obvious reasons I haven’t been able to let this one go.

With it now getting the old 1080p/60fps treatment for PS4 and with the DLC, Left Behind, now included in the pack, I felt it was finally my chance to write something bespoke about Naughty Dog’s bleak and hard-hitting masterpiece.

Is the PS3’s finest now one of the PS4’s finest too? Absolutely.