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Infamous: First Light

October 21, 2014, Author: Andy Buick

I’ve always been a big fan of superhero stories, especially within the Marvel and DC worlds. So when InFamous was first announced, I was massively excited the idea of a free-roaming superhero game where morality would also play a part.

The PS3 games have long since passed, and Cole with them, but now on PS4 we’ve had Second Son with its new hero Delsin, who divided opinion greatly. One thing that I’d like to think was beyond argument though was that of the new powers available to the beanie-hatted one, neon was by far the coolest. With that in mind, nobody can blame Sucker Punch for making their standalone DLC, First Light, concentrate on the giver of this power, Abigail “Fetch” Walker, making for a brief but enjoyable return to Seattle…