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Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

December 21, 2014, Author: Andy Buick

When Sleeping Dogs was released on last-gen systems, it took me somewhat by surprise. Reviews were positive, not least our own here on TIMJ, but as it arrived during a glut of excellent titles, I missed it until it made an appearance on PS Plus. What followed was my “trying it out” turning into my ignoring a wealth of quality titles asI blazed a trail across Hong Kong, kicking ass and taking names in a style that John Woo would be proud of.

Now here we are on PS4 and Xbox One with the release of Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, which packages a newly buffed and shined main game along with all of the DLC. This includes cars, clothing, and more importantly a couple of pieces of standalone DLC, but is this all enough to warrant another run as Wei Shen?

To cut to the chase and answer the question above, yes, but it’s difficult to recommend to anyone who’s already played it.