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Dying Light

February 23, 2015, Author: James Sheppard

I’ve never been too keen on zombie games. I’m a casual fan of Call of Duty but stay clear of the Zombies mode, and even the very popular Left 4 Dead doesn’t particularly float my boat. I can’t put my finger on why, but I rarely feel much more than apathy over most titles featuring the shambling undead.

Dead Island did not buck this trend: after a little while repetition started to set in, and I found navigating the map a chore. On reviewing its sequel, Riptide, I discovered the same problems. The flawed level scaling of the enemies left progression feeling meaningless too, as the zombies actually seemed to get tougher as you levelled up.

You’d expect that Techland’s next zombie game, Dying Light, would foster the same lack of enthusiasm in me. I’m pleased, and surprised, to say that it’s a very different story.