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Total War: Warhammer

July 23, 2016, Author: James Swinbanks

Creative Assembly have been making Total War games for about fifteen years at this point. That’s a lot of time, not only to refine the core of what makes your game good, but also flesh it out with other ideas. When combining that many years of experience with a narrative and universe as richly detailed as that of Games Workshop’s thirty year-old Warhammer series, it’s okay to expect something good.

I’m certainly no old hand when it comes to Total War, having only dabbled with Shogun 2 a few years ago, but this Warhammer iteration ticks a lot of boxes thanks to large-scale battles that require a deft tactical touch, meaningfully different factions and engaging mechanics.

The campaign provides two distinct layers of strategic gameplay that are probably deep enough to have an entire game focused around them. Having them together, working as cohesively as they do, is something special and makes Total War: Warhammer another must play for strategy fans, in what’s turning out to be a bumper year for the genre.