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World of Final Fantasy – E3 Trailer Despite it Not Being E3 Yet

June 9, 2016, Author: Matt Parker

Some news has been ‘leaking’ of late – none of which we’ve posted here on TIMJ. The thing is that ‘Pre3’ (the art of ‘leaking’ or simply posting news before E3 starts) is just such a blatant ploy at getting in front of the big games and letting websites feel like they’ve got a ‘scoop’ that I just try and ignore it. Yet, here we are. An E3 trailer drops long before E3 has started and we’ve gone and picked it up.

In our defence the game in question is World of Final Fantasy. It’s noteworthy for a few reasons; it’s unbelievably cute, it looks like it’s a cross between Final Fantasy and Pokemon and also it’s due for release on Vita. This has ticked all of my boxes with one swipe of a Buster Sword.

Just look at that trailer! Due for release on the 28th October (on PS4 and Vita) it’s said to be aimed at ‘younger gamers’ but who cares about suggested age-ranges? Not I.

You can see that the game’s committed to its ‘chibi’ art-style and stars monsters and characters from Final Fantasy games past. How it will actually play isn’t too clear at the moment. Are you capturing monsters? Can Cloud join your team? How will switching between ‘chibi’ and ‘normal’ forms affect gameplay? We’ll have to wait and see.