What the FAQ?!...

Here we answer all the questions that you really wish you hadn’t asked!

(This page is a constant work in progress).

Q. I came on this site aaaages ago and my comments on an article seem to have disappeared. What gives?
Unfortunately, the old comments system disappeared with the new shiny redesign that came in during 2011. With it went any old comments on our older articles. Casualites of a much better system.

Q. Soooo, what’s this site all about then?
We are the opinionated voice of gamers. Our content focuses on editorials in which our writers are encouraged to incorporate a lot of their own views and personality. We also provide reviews and other features.

Q. Why do you not do numerical scale review scores?
This is answered here in more depth, but the short version is that review scores usually mean a lot of people disregard the text and the conclusion to how a reviewer arrived at that score. We want to put the focus back on the actual review.

Q. Why do you sometimes review games that have been out a while?
At the moment, we do not always receive review copies, and rarely do we get them at the same time as some of the major sites. We are real gamers just like you; often we’ll actually buy the games we review.

If the game we review is more than a few months old, we will usually backdate it so you aren’t reading last year’s news on the front page. This is mainly so we can build up a nice back-catalogue of reviews. Rest assured we’ll be sticking to this generation of consoles, so don’t expect any reviews for E.T. on Atari.

Also, we’ve found that it is still worth reviewing some older stuff because there are many games that go under peoples radars on release, usually because they might not have been greatly received that well by the gaming press but are still worth a play-through at a bargain price. People don’t tend to give these games the benefit of the doubt until months and years later when they’ve dropped down in price. They will also come in handy when checking out some of deals we post.

Q. Where did you get the name for the site, something about it sounds familiar?
It should, it’s a play on words from a line from the Bruce Campbell classic, Army of Darkness; ‘This is my boomstick’.

Basically, we were struggling for an original name for the site when we were in the planning stages, and our site owner and editor, Andy Corrigan, happened to be watching the movie on DVD. Ash said his infamous line and it instantly fell into place from there.

People have also attributed it to the movie Full Metal Jacket. Hey, the only thing we care is that it’s memorable!