TIMJ Community

At This Is My Joystick! we are always looking for new ways to jump on popular trends and bandwagons connect with our community, as such we already have a couple of ways to do this, and are already working on a couple more.

Forum: The cornerstone of creating any decent community on the interwebs. There are some awesome folk on these boards, and you can interact directly with our staff. Get on board here and start talking some games!

Twitter: Probably the popular social-networking site on the web, bringing us the miracle of micro-blogging. Perfect for keeping you up to date with small snippets, news and updates for all things ‘This Is My Joystick!’. Follow us on Twitter here.

Facebook: Another social-networking group, one more suited to stalkers or hooking up with randoms, ex-school friends and freaks. That and talking to your friends on there while ignoring your perfectly good phone or the art of face-to-face communication. Hey, who are we to ignore the phenomenon? We are internet folk after all. Join our group here.