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PODCAST SPECIAL: Review of 2013

January 1, 2014, Author: Neil Hickton

The end of 2013! How did that happen so fast? The games industry rarely has a quiet time in terms of amazing news or shocking antics and 2013 has been no exception.

Neil Hickton, Andy Buick and Smiley Dave are joined by “best podcast of 2013” GMA award winner, Guy Cocker. They spill the milk and bury the hatchet, but will they all walk off into the sunset as friends by the end of this special podcast episode? Will the rivalry get in the way? Listen to find out!

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When we look back at 2013 we might think it was all about the next-gen announcements, or perhaps their release? Upon reflection it is clear that there was so much more going on in the games industry and there is so much to look forward to as well.

The ex-Gamespot editor, BBC 5 Live and Sky News games and technology specialist, Guy Cocker, has been very busy this year. Having pipped us at the post for the GMA win (probably a stomping, if we’re honest) at the 2013 Games Media Awards in the best podcast category, we felt it fitting to invite him onto our show to help us review the year for another opinion, and to see how many times we could mention our loss.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • Our highlights of 2013
  • Disappointments of 2013
  • What we are most looking forward to in 2014
  • Full price games and microtransactions

We hope you have a fantastic 2014!