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August 24, 2014, Author: Stephen King

The podcast is back again for another month, and we have a whole bunch of fun to talk about!

In the latest episode you will get to hear our more-than-likely frustrating impressions of DOTA 2, as we try to pull back the curtain further. There’s discussion updates from Gamescom, Stephen’s trip to Wolverhampton (we promise there is more to it than just that), what we’ve been playing and a whole host of other bits and pieces.

Sit back, relax and let us take you on a journey to land where conversation comes in all shapes and sizes!

We Covered:

  • Pinball
  • Retro Revival
  • DOTA 2
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • White Xbox One
  • Night Trap
  • Geometry Wars 3
  • Disco Zoo
  • Crytek UK
  • The return of Sierra
  • The Swapper
  • EA Access
  • The best way to make sure you get the good bed in a hotel room

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