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TIMJ PODCAST EPISODE 21: Gamer and the Flash Cart

October 9, 2014, Author: Stephen King

A lot has happened since the last communication with you, but fear not, because Alistair and Stephen are back to tell you all about it! From upgrading to the new-gen consoles, to discussing etiquette for debating over social media, they have it covered.

We covered:

  • Bias in the media/Gamergate
  • Dark Dream Don’t Die
  • Night Trap Revamped
  • Super Smash Bros for 3DS
  • Twitch acquisition (not to Google!)
  • Xbox One
  • Alien Creeps TD
  • Destiny
  • The declining value of the Tony Hawk Shred game & board
  • Appropriate use of catchphrases
  • Way too many Wayne’s World references
  • Party on Wayne…uh…sorry
  • Microsoft’s obscene purchase!

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