Create your own iTunes app/game

August 5, 2009, Author: Neil Hughes

Although we are a gaming website, every once in a while a news item comes around which is of interest to us all here at This Is My Joystick, and we believe deserves a special mention; this is one of those such moments.

There is so much talk in the media at the moment about iTunes and the app store, it seems there is an app for even the most mundane of tasks. In fact there are currently over 50,000 apps and games to trawl through on iTunes, and we have all sat and thought for a few moments that if only we had one golden idea we could make some serious money from creating a useful app ourselves.

Then the harsh reality hits home; you need an Apple developer license which will set you back a cool $99.00, but then there is a very small matter of not knowing anything about how to write via the medium of the code Objective C. This probably means that you now need to hire a developer to write the programme to make your dream become a reality. It’s time to open a cold can of beer and mutter to yourself that it’s impossible for the little man on the street to get ahead in the modern world. It’s not like the old days, the big boys now hold all the cards… yadda yadda yadda, right?!


I had a dream!

The answer is in fact quite the opposite and Rob Shoesmith is living proof of this. Rather than dismiss his chances, he took his idea to Medl mobile who have now gone on to develop actually develop it. Rob describes still describes himself as a “bin-man from Coventry” despite the fact that his app, “ProblemHalved”, has rocketed up the App chart to become a best seller. The best way of describing his application in a nutshell is by imagining the concept of Yahoo Answers and putting it into an app that allows users across the world to answer questions and problems whilst on the move.

Such a simple idea, but one that is being downloaded by people all over the world 24 hours a day and in only 15 hours went from 29th in the social networking chart to number 3.

Like Rob, if you have an idea which you think would either make the world a better place or may simply raise a few smiles down the pub, it is as easy as submitting your idea with as much detail to the website Medl mobile. If they like your proposal they will then agree to develop your app, and your dream of seeing your work on iTunes could finally be a possibility.

What is the catch I hear you cry? Well, you will get 25% of the profits your application generates. For example, a top selling application on the iTunes app store was recently reported to earn about $10,000 a day. So that’s $2,500 a day if you’ve got an idea that could rocket to the top. Not bad for filling out a form when you put it into perspective. Following him on Twitter, it is inspiring to see how his fortunes have changed though simply following his dream. So if you find yourself getting a little inspiration in the most unlikest of places, don’t do yourself down, or dismiss your chances. By taking a few minutes to submit your idea to the right people or even by using Medl Mobiles free iPhone app, you could turn your daydream into a top selling iTunes application.

It sounds so simple doesn’t it, but when you try to think about a good idea now, I bet your mind has gone blank. I know mine has, but next time a thought comes my way I’m armed, dangerous and ready for action. As for the man himself, it doesn’t look like Rob Shoesmith will be emptying bins for much longer, and on the behalf of every man on the street that ever had an idea but never thought it was possible, we salute you.