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Chibi-Robo Is Alive! New Game Available Today (in Japan)

July 3, 2013, Author: Matt Parker, 1 Comment

There are some games out there that never get the props they deserve. Some games that are so pure, simple, honest, vibrate and downright lovely, that you can’t see why they weren’t a huge success.

One of those series is Chibi-Robo. Sure, he’s had a couple of games, but he’s not the household name he should be. Here’s hoping that Nintendo’s recent announcement is the start of a Robo-revolution. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new Chibi-Robo game!

Now, this rise to power is going to take time, and Nintendo know this, so they’re starting off small. This new title is an E-Shop download for the 3DS rather than a fully fledged new Robo game.

Titled Chibi-Robo Photography, the game is centered around you taking pictures using your 3DS camera. Not any old pictures though, pictures that have to meet certain criteria. The video below does a good job of explaining if (skip to 8:30 and make sure you’re fluent in Japanese) but it boils down to ‘take a picture of something that looks like this’.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Success results in the greatest gift of them all. Assuming your photo is more Pokemon Snap and less Pokemon Crap, Chibi-Robo accepts your photographic offering and runs away with it. No doubt due to his OCD-esque need to tidy and clean ALL OF THE TIME.

There also appears to be some other mini-game looking bits thrown in and then neatly tidied up and ordered alphabetically (thanks Chibi!). Some racing and some hole-digging nonsense are on show in the video. Whatever it is, go buy it. Show Nintendo you care and that you want more Chibi-Robo. Do it!

Remember, a Chibi-Robo’s for life, not just for a single GameCube game and a single DS game over 6 years ago.

Also, if you watch the start of the video, you may have recognised a few faces. More Denpa Men! Oh yes.


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  1. Xebou said:

    Tsk, man I was so excited reading the title. I thought it was a full fledged sequel. I have no idea why I fell in love with the GC version of Chibi Robo. I bought it at random from a bargain bin and ever since I've been hoping for a new game. But at least this shows he isn't completely forgotten. I will keep my hope alive.

    I just don't like when they advertise a game as a new entry into the series when it's really a spin off. I'm looking at you PlayStation Move: Ape Escape. I have nothing against spin offs but don't get my hopes up people.

    Posted on: July 03 11:21 PM || Report || Reply

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