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Civilization 6 – 12 Minutes with Sean Bean

June 24, 2016, Author: Matt Parker

Given recent political events it’s safe to say that, judging by my Twitter timeline, at lot of people think they could lead this country better. Well, here’s your chance to not just run a country but an entire civilization thanks to the latest Civ game – Civilization 6. Fans of the series are going to want to check out the changes being made to the game and there’s no better way to find out what’s happening than by using your eyeballs and earholes to soak in this recently released 12 minute demo. If you’re not familiar with the series it still gives you a great idea of what the Civ series is all about and it features the dulcet tones of Sean Bean. What more could you want?

I’m really excited to see how Civilization 6 pans out. I wasn’t a big fan of Beyond Earth, but Civ 5 was absolutely on point (especially after those expansion launched). I love the way the areas of the world you can’t see turn into old parchment paper and I can see having to place ‘districts’ and paying closer attention to your cities’ tiles being a neat addition to the Civilization gameplay we all know and love. Teddy Roosevelt seems like a nice chap but the real question is has Ghandi chilled out? We’ll have to wait until 21st October when it’s launched on PC.