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EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Gets Gameplay Trailer

March 18, 2014, Author: Matt Parker

You can’t escape it, the World Cup is coming. You’ll try your hardest but if you have no interest in a sport dominated by millionaires that roll around on the floor a lot there’ll be no ignoring it. So instead of fighting it, let’s have a look at EA’s newest attempt at making their no-doubt incredibly expensive licensing deal pay off.

Let’s look at EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup. Yes, that’s the full title. If I write it any differently, Sepp Blatter himself will chase me down in his Rolls-Royce fueled by orphan’s tears. Allegedly.

Does it look much different to Fifa 14? I wouldn’t know as this is the first year for a good while where I didn’t buy Fifa. Even to my untrained eye, this looks more like a slight cosmetic change than an upgrade.

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EA claim that the game will have ’100′s’ of new animations and the ability to head the ball in a more realistic and physical manner.

“With new over-the-back headers, defenders who are able to will leap higher than the player they are marking can clear the ball in the opposite direction.”

A revolutionary new feature in football video games...

A revolutionary new feature in football video games…

Adding to the polish of the title is promise of in-game cutaways which show how the action is being received in the team’s respective countries. For example, England getting knocked out on penalties to Germany will show a saddened though in no way surprised crowd in Trafalgar Square.

Need more convincing? EA’s got a whole site dedicated to convincing you that this is more than a cash-in. Make up your own mind (or don’t) on April 15th when EA Sports Presents FIFA Corporations World of Football Cup VideoGame Alpha Edition releases. Got one of those new-fangled consoles? Unlucky, as this is only coming out for 360 and PS3.

Wait. Is that the sound of a Rolls-Royce engine?