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EA Sports UFC – Gameplay Trailer

March 21, 2014, Author: Matt Parker

I’ll admit it it. I like seeing two people plonked into a cage and punch each other with very few rules governing how to fight. I’m a simple man. This is why the new trailer for EA Sports UFC has me so interested. It looks brutal and brilliant.

Another reason why I’m so looking forward to EA Sports UFC is because EA did an MMA game a few years ago and it was pretty decent. It suffered from Pro Evo Syndrome though as the only MMA license anyone really cares about is UFC, which at the time EA didn’t have. Shut up Bellator, no one cares!

As you can see, graphically it looks pretty slick and given EA’s previous attempt at making an MMA game, they’re likely to produce something that plays decently too. The only thing that’s causing concern is the lack of Bas Rutten.

This is a man that knows how to commentate, summarise 3 minutes worth of fighting in a single sentence and knock people out. Get him back EA!