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Fifa 14 Coming With All European Xbox One Pre-Orders

August 21, 2013, Author: Matt Parker

Good news football fans. Wait, let me clear that up. This is only good news for those of you that like the form of football also known as soccer and only those of you in Europe who have pre-ordered an Xbox One.

So, are you a football fan living in Europe who’s pre-ordered an Xbox One? Good news! A ‘free’ game and a little something extra. The rest of you? Go read something else.

As if to make up for all of the back-and-forth Microsoft have put their fans through, Xbox One pre-orders for us Europeans will now come with a free copy of FIFA 14. Naturally, this offer is only available ‘whilst stocks last’, even though it’s a digital copy of the game. I guess bandwidth runs out?

Carrying on the good news for Xbox One and Xbox 360 footie fans is the inclusion of Xbox exclusive ‘Legends’ within the Ultimate Team mode.

As an Arsenal fan, it breaks my heart to see Dennis Bergkamp and Freddie Ljungberg being shown playing on the same team as Gareth Bale in that video. I mean, it doesn’t break my heart as much as losing at home to Aston Villa in the first game of the season does, but still. Tough to watch.


No, you're not going mad. That's 'Legendary' footballer Gary Neville...

No, you’re not going mad. That’s ‘Legendary’ footballer Gary Neville…

For those of you not in Europe or not getting an Xbox One, might I recommend you check out Play Asia. They have both versions of the game, which are region-free, for under £40 with free shipping.

Not getting paid to promote that. Just thought it was a good deal that our readers could take advantage of. That’s right, we here at TIMJ do it all for you.