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Football Manager 2015 – New Features Video

October 16, 2014, Author: Matt Parker

It often takes some special for one of us at TIMJ to post a promotional video. I mean, who wants to waste time talking about trailers and press releases? However, today I saw the video for Football Manager 2015‘s new features.

I expected a two minute trailer telling me that “everything’s been updated – please buy the game!” What I got was a 26 minute long feature that covered most of what’s new. Most! 

Perhaps the team at Sports Interactive have read our thoughts on annualised franchises (we can dream). As you can read for yourself, we’re not too keen on them as year-long development schedules often mean that slightly cosmetic changes and extremely limited gameplay improvements are the best we can hope for. If we’re expected to buy the game every year, then we deserve real change and real improvements.

Whilst it’d be slightly hyperbolic to suggest Football Manager has changed completely this year (it is still a football management simulator), the number of additions and improvements has got me interested. This is someone that hasn’t bought a Football Manager game for the last three years.

Take a look at the video and let us know if Sports Interactive have done enough this year for you to pop on your digital tracksuit, stand on the digital touchline and start screaming at digital players this year.

Football Manager 2015 is out on November the 7th. Not that you asked. Just thought you might want to know is all…