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Let’s play ‘Cribs: Minecraft Edition’

September 8, 2014, Author: Andy Corrigan

Mojang’s indie smash, Minecraft, is officially out on all major formats now and, despite having no prior experience or interest, I was totally sucked in by hype on its new-gen release last Thursday. I bought in without hesitation.

I’ve since been hooked and, after somehow surviving the first night shivering in a self-made grave as various nasties waited outside, two days later I finally understand why it’s such a huge phenomenon.

What really took me by surprise was just how much pride I’ve taken in building my first house, which has gone from being a crappy, second night mud-shack to a still crappy three-tier tower. For a first attempt, however, I’m shamefully happy with it, and you can see it in the video below. Feel free to mock my grey box.

However, I know others are very skilled, and I want to see they’re capable of.

Be you Minecraft newcomer or expert, whether it’s a first-night fort, multi-acre masterpiece, pixel art world or whatever else is possible in this crazy game, I thought it’d be fun to share in the creativity.

Here’s mine to get the ball rolling:

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