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Looks Smashing – Super Smash Bros Characters Shown & Nintendo’s Other Wares

June 13, 2013, Author: Matt Parker

Wait a minute. You didn’t forget about Nintendo, did you? You didn’t think that just because they’ve not got a million Terry Flops and a bajillion QuadBikes in their console that they’ve stopped making games, surely not!?

If you did, shame on you. Nintendo have gone and done something we all needed – they’ve reminded us that the Wii U will have a Nintendo games released on it. Just in time too. Some people were starting to talk.

A number of titles were shown, but it was the multiplayer brawler that grabbed my interest the most. Super Smash Bros is looking slick for both the 3DS and the Wii U and what’s more important, the choice of characters and stages looks as bananas as ever.

I’m a big fan of Nintendo’s games, I can’t lie. With the company slowly but surely building up a worthy catalogue of titles for the Wii U and the 3DS simply going from strength to strength, it may mean the PS4 and Xbox One get forgotten about in my household whilst Nintendo fever takes over.

A couple of other titles that we knew about were shown. The new Pokemon games and the stunning looking Monolith game were shown off.

Even the new titles left some thinking that they’d heard them announced before. A new Mario game for the 3DS called Super Mario 3D World  was shown and can be surmised in two words. Cat. Suit.

One last new title is Mario Kart 8. When your title ends in ‘8’, you should be forgiving people who say ‘haven’t I already seen this’? In its defence, it looks lovely and the anti-gravity business going on could be heaps of fun. Who am I kidding? It’s Mario Kart! Of course it’s going to be fun!

Some have continued to be negative on Nintendo based on their E3 showing, which I can understand. They failed to announce anything really new and merely spent their time apologizing for games being late and reminding us all of what they’d announced previously.

But when you start showing me a trailer for Wind Waker HD, I can’t stay mad for long. Damn you Ninten – oh man that looks good…