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Nintendo offers a ‘Season Pass’ for Mario Golf: World Tour

April 23, 2014, Author: Matt Parker

Nintendo continues down the rabbit-hole of ‘modern gaming’. We’ve had Nintendo build social elements into their latest console. They’ve offered In-App-Purchases for some bizarre baseball game and now they’re offering season passes to access post-release content.

Mario Golf: World Tour will be getting a season pass that means players will get access to all 3 of the game’s planned DLC packs. If this was any other game developer, we’d roll our eyes. But Nintendo?

Nintendo have always struggled with the ‘modern’ elements of gaming. Ever since they put Wi-Fi into the original DS, they’ve really dropped the ball on nearly every implementation of online features and just generally been behind the curve on aspects of gaming that we expect from our other, non-Nintendo, consoles.

This has slowly been changing though. The e-Shop is pretty decent now and there’s a steady stream of digital titles, be they re-releases of classics or genuinely new titles, that are coming through. Indies are getting onto the 3DS and WiiU as well, so it’s not all bad seeing Nintendo modernise the way they do things.

A picture of Wario just felt right...

A picture of Wario just felt right…

It’s just that every now and then you see something like this. Some money motivated, analytics proven and market-share increasing decision that just makes you wish Nintendo would be a company that never grows up.

DLC, Season Passes and In-App-Purchases. Is this the price we really pay for having a ‘modern’ Nintendo?