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Nuketown 2025 Gets Pulled From Circulation

November 20, 2012, Author: Matt Parker

Nuketown 2025 is, from what I can gather, one of Call of Duty: Black Op’s most popular maps. It was clearly such a selling point that it was used as a pre-order incentive in the build up to Black Ops 2’s release.

Today, for some reason, Treyarch (or maybe Activision, their publishers) decided to pull the map from rotation for competitive multiplayer matches. Why is this a big deal? Well, let me explain – not to you, but to Treyarch.

Firstly, it’s a bit off because you’ve used this map so heavily in the pre-release build-up to your game. Take a look at this trailer that you put out.

So there you have it. You use it as a selling point and you use it as an incentive for people to pre-order. We all know that pre-orders are important to you. We get it. It’s fine. But listen to the end of the video where you say;

“Pre-order now and get the Nuketown 2025 bonus map and access to the double XP launch weekend”

You see the problem? You said the word ‘and‘. If you’d have said ‘as part of”, then fair enough I guess. It’d be a lame pre-order bonus but it would have been an honest advert. This whole ‘removed from public playlists’ thing is all so sudden and unexpected.

What really rubs me the wrong way is how you succeeded in using this map to, what was it, become Amazon’s ‘most pre-ordered game ever‘? You’ll forgive me if I find taking away said map and using it for ‘exclusive events’ to be underhanded.

Dealing with small-print is one thing but invisible-print is a step too far.

It looks like you’ve dropped the ball on this one, or should I say, you’ve dropped the ‘bomb’? Get it? ‘Bomb’. Nuketown. A nuke is a type of bomb. ‘Dropped it’ as in it’s been dropped from public playlists. Bombs get dropped and when they do they upset people. Like it? No?

Forget it. Just put the damned map back up. You can’t have your cake and it it too. You can’t have Nuketown be a ‘pre-order exclusive’ and a ‘special event only’ map.