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Ralph Nader refers to video games as “electronic child molesters”

January 25, 2013, Author: Ariana Hester, 2 Comments

“Now Timmy, show the politician how the violent video game corrupted you”.

At least that’s how I imagine conversations would go if former presidential candidate Ralph Nader had his way.

At the annual Busboys and Poets Peace Ball, Nader went on one of his familiar tirades on President Obama’s inauguration and violent entertainment.

“We are in the peak of [violence in entertainment],” Nader claimed. “Television program violence? Unbelievable. Video game violence? Unprecedented. I’m not saying he (Obama) wants to censor this, I think he should sensitize people that they should protect their children, family by family, from these kinds of electronic child molesters.”

On the heels of the decision by the Obama administration to grant the CDC (Center for Disease Control) 10 million dollars to study the effects that violent video-games have on our youths, we can easily see that every politician wants a piece of the action.

Light Gun games have already been pulled from arcades in Massachusetts and from movie theatres in New York, after complaints cited them as inappropriate. Missouri on the other hand, is debating whether to institute a 1% sales tax on violent video-games.

Now, I’m not saying parents shouldn’t be allowed to censor their own children’s entertainment. As a parent, you have the right to say when and if your child can watch an R rated movie or play an M rated game, but I don’t believe that video-games are the sole instigator of violence. I’m not the biggest FPS fan but I have been known to play a round or two; suffice to say,  never once did I feel the need to recreate my experiences in the real world.

In most of the cases being studied, mental health issues were a common occurrence. Perhaps we need to spend our time and energy on having a better support system for those in need of counselling, and spreading parental awareness for recognizing signs that a child may need extra care.

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  1. Trent said:

    This will always happen. These suits have been trying to fix mental illness, poverty and sociological alienation issues for decades now and are failing miserably. They want to be seen to be 'winning' so they find an easy target and go after it like rabid dogs. They KNOW that abolishing violence in video games (and thereby these days almost ending the medium) will have a massively underwhelming effect for the amount of effort, time and money it would take but its a battle they could possibly win. So they fight it for the sole reason of the need to appear to be doing something about something. They would rather blame youth gun violence on GTA4 that on poverty in inner-cities, drug culture, gang culture and the prevalence and availability of guns in the USA because they can beat GTA4.

    I dunno, I hope that the CDC spend every fucking cent of that ten mil and come back and say 'Errrrrr, we've found fuck all mate. But the new Modern Warfare is actually pretty good online...' LOL.

    Posted on: January 31 5:44 PM || Report || Reply

  2. Neil H said:

    History repeats its self, over and over. Once there were books....BOOKS! The devil lay in wait to consume any soul that read the words...oh those nasty words! (*1) Only those of shallow heart and weak mind read books, get back to work! Reading is bad for you if you do it for too long and it turns you into mindless vessels! Books were of course accepted and now if you don't start reading by the age of four it considered you're not academically bright.

    Then Cinema came... Oh my the demon possesses those via the medium of celluloid and inflicts great suffering, turning those poor enough to watch into mindless vessels. We are here again... Cinema tells stories of the human condition that we as individuals don't have the chance in everyday life to experience. Cinema... film...is heralded by many in this day and age to be the ultimate story telling device. All walks of life, young, old, etc etc, have enjoyed the wonders of cinema, everyone has a favourite film.(*2).

    Then came the days of TV! Oh my TV, rots the brain, it's junk, trash, pointless waste of your time, brainless lifeless zombie vessels. (*3)

    Games are just an extension of our need to hear, see, feel our stories, to experience first hand (via the third person) something we can't do, wouldn't want to in real life or simply we just want to without upsetting real people.

    There was an interview I watched with Arnie schwarzenegger (ok, laugh) for his latest movie, he said something very profound and true, now I forget the exact question and the exact quote, however. He was asked something to the effect of "your movies are very violent, what about the shootings in Amercia, are you not worries about the link?" To which he replied "if there had been no violence before movies, then yes, but history proves brutally and violence is unfortunately part of our nature."

    Same applies to games. If there is something new (hell, we all hate change and the new) then it must be the cause of everything bad in history too. I will name the phenomenon "time travelling hysteria of the unknown" or tthotu....errm... Sorry got to go, my mind has been overthrown by the demon.

    *1 unless it was the Bible. But remember at a few points in history we mere mortals were not even allowed to read that ourselves in case we misunderstood the words of The Lord.
    *2 unless you've never seen a film, which is only likely if you live in a rain forest or something.
    *3 actually, they are probably right about that... Only way is Essex anyone...:-P

    Posted on: February 04 4:04 AM || Report || Reply

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