The Obligatory ‘Game of the Year’ Article

December 31, 2009, Author: The TIMJ Team

The one thing we’ve stressed since our site’s inception is that our writers and staff have complete freedom in expressing their opinions across the board. For example, our reviews don’t represent the entire staff team’s view on a particular title; it is after all the experience of one person (another reason we don’t have a traditional or rigid scoring policy). People tend to differ so much in preference and tolerance to particular aspects of games and other media that I don’t see how any site can offer one definitive point of view.

The same, I feel, can be said of the many ‘Game of the Year’ articles you’ll read this holiday season, which usually run down the year’s titles and give out a single GOTY award that ‘the site’ has chosen. Here, maintaining our belief in individuality, and as one mans GOTY can be another mans dud, we open to the floor to the entire staff team to tell us about their personal GOTY and runner up’s.



Despite the PS3’s supposed superior power compared to the Xbox 360, I have to say that I’ve yet to encounter a PS3 exclusive that just couldn’t be done on Microsoft’s machine. Uncharted 2, however, is easily the first game I’ve come across that has made me wonder if the 360 has hit its peak in a visual standpoint, as I’ve seen nothing to match it on either console before. Graphical aptitude aside, the second adventure of Nathan Drake and the gang is simply a stunning adventure all around. The first game introduced very humanistic and likeable characters, who were all fallible just like the best of us. The sequel took that established cast, added a few new faces and just put them in one jaw-dropping, epic situation after the next. The high production values are rounded off by fluid gameplay, a well-paced storyline and excellent writing. This was miles ahead of any of my other choices for this year.

Defining moment: Seeing the helicopter in Borneo for the first time. Really highlights the gorgeous visuals.

Honourable mentions: Street Fighter IV, Borderlands, and Operation Flashpoint.

This has been the most anticipated game of the year for many gamers, including myself, with some going as far to say the most anticipated of the decade. This game really lives up to all the hype that preceded the launch and has set a brand new level for all action games to follow. Modern Warfare 2 is a direct follow on from Call Of Duty 4 and drops you straight into the action after a short recap of the controls. After that, it doesn’t stop. Its jaw dropping visuals, in depth storylines, twists and turns and buttery controls make this game for me the most additive, most played and officially my game of the year, maybe even of the decade.

Defining moment: The massive overhaul of the Multiplayer mode, and introduction to the Special Ops missions.

Honourable mentions: Halo 3: ODST, DJ Hero, Borderlands.

After my positively obsessive reception of the original I awaited this sequel with ravenous hunger akin to the many zombies contained within. Boy, am I satisfied? Expanding on the unique and original formula of the first game, Left 4 Dead 2 manages to expand it extensively without overcomplicating the visceral run-and-gun gameplay that made the original so much bloody fun. Massive campaigns, new Special Infected, loads of dirty weapons and an online framework to die for elevate this above other shooters for pure joy factor. That’s the reason why, above all others, this is my game of the year.

Defining Moment: Bolting round a dark corner only to be faced with a towering, angry Tank. Tanks with no warning music makes them all the more terrifying…

Honourable mentions: Skate 2, Modern Warfare 2, Trials HD, Shadow Complex.

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