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SCE Japan Studio want you to be caught in the Rain this Autumn

May 31, 2013, Author: Olly Jones

Remember how invested we all became with the evocative and moving world presented to us in trailers for The Last Guardian?

Team ico may not have been able to deliver that spectacle, but that doesn’t mean SCE aren’t capable of evoking that more affecting spirit within their own games.

Sony’s Japan Studio have gone down the artistic route of The Unfinished Swan and Journey with their latest PSN offering; Rain

After initially being revealed at Gamescon a year ago, a new gameplay trailer has emerged on the Playstation blog. The footage details what to expect as well as elaborating on the title’s story.

Anyway, here’s a gameplay trailer featuring the music from the old British Airways ads that everyone thinks is the most original thing to play at a wedding:

You play as a mysterious boy who becomes virtually invisible, albeit for a raindrop pattered silhouette.

Suddenly he notices a similarly invisible girl while roaming around a rain-swept town.

He must pursue the girl through the streets while navigating puzzles and escaping faceless enemies – in the rain.

Hm, could be why the game’s called rain, because there is definitely a lot of rain in this game. I wonder…

Already, Rain looks like a beautiful and thoughtful award grabbing type title. This is also the follow-up game from the studio that brought us the totally mad and awesome Tokyo Jungle, so it’s probably gunna be pretty fun too.

Just don’t expect welly boot and umbrella hat power-up DLC for Rain.

Rain is currently in development and is expected on PS3 in the Autumn.