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TIMJ Podcast Episode 12: Headphone Monkey

August 19, 2013, Author: Neil Hickton

Neil Hickton, Andy Buick and Smiley Dave are on hand to bring you some very special game-related podcast banter ready for your summer. Beth and Zack are also back for some more TIMJ Minicast action. We hope you’re having a great summer holiday!

Neil Hickton interviews Gavin Hood (Team17) about Worms Clan Wars, Olivier Penot (Seaven Studios) about Ethan: Meteor Hunter and Denis Rogic (Threaks) about Beatbuddy.

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In this podcast we discuss:

  • Xbox One and PS4 share feature
  • New and upcoming releases
  • Interview: Gavin Hood (Worms Clan Wars)
  • Interview: Olivier Penot (Ethan: Meteor Hunter)
  • Interview: Denis Rogic (Beatbuddy)
  • Interview: This Is My Joystick Minicast!
  • In-app purchases

Additional audio used in this episode:

  • Worms Clan Wars (Team 17)
  • Ethan: Meteor Hunter (Seaven Studios)
  • Beatbuddy (Threaks)

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