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TIMJ Podcast Episode 15: Raiders of the lost podcast

November 29, 2013, Author: Neil Hickton

Deep in the woods somewhere, were three very angry bears. They were angry because some teenage blonde-haired ASBO had broken their chairs, their beds and of course, eaten their podcast. Little bear was upset. Daddy Bear was ready to mutilate someone and Mummy Bear reminded him that he wasn’t actually a violent bear and if anyone was going to get mutilated she’d do it, like normal.

The podcast, oh how we miss you, Neil Hickton, Andy Buick and Smiley Dave. Where have you been? Nothing that the three bears story will help you with, that was just a ruse to lead you off the scent. However we do have a special guest relating to bears…

Right, so what do we have for you in this episode? You’d best come in and take a look. No eating our porridge though we might get a little miffed.

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Neil Hickton chats with Nicoll Hunt about his bear-themed beat-em-up, Fist of Awesome and with Pablo Testa working on top-down shooter Project Root. Andy Buick talks to Bendik Stang and Frits Olsen of SnowCastle Games about their up-coming multi-platform game Festival of Magic.

Neil, Andy and Smiley Dave talk about their GMA nomination and experiences at this year’s GMA event.  Managing to uncover the truth about free bars and finding out just what alcohol-fuelled games journalists are really like.

In this episode:

  • What we’ve been playing
  • Interview: Nicoll Hunt (Fist of Awesome)
  • Interview: Bendik Stang & Frits Olsen (Festival of Magic)
  • Interview: Pablo Tests (Project Root)
  • November’s Releases

Additional audio used in this episode: