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Announcement: This Is My Joystick to close soon

July 19, 2016, Author: Andy Corrigan

It’s with a heavy heart I announce that, after seven years, This is my Joystick will be soon be halting its content production. We have a few outstanding pieces to go live over the next couple of weeks and we also have a fitting sign-off planned, but after that, the site will live on as an archive only.

The reasons are many and complicated, and the decision has been tough to make, but it predominantly boils down to the way that independent and enthusiast games coverage – and the culture around it – has changed since the site’s inception back in 2009.

While we never really hit the heights that we dared to dream of at the beginning, as owner and curator I take a lot of personal pride in the work we’ve produced together over the years. A lot of talented individuals have passed through our ranks, honed their skills with us and gone on to various successes, and I extend my sincerest thanks to everyone that devoted their time to our cause, no matter how small.

Thanks for reading,