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Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Coming This Tuesday!

June 23, 2012, Author: Ray Willmott

Mass Effect 3’s long awaited DLC finally drops this week, extending the controversial ending to Bioware’s space epic.

The Extended Cut DLC, available on June 26th, will help to further explain the events which happen at the end of Mass Effect 3.

When the highly anticipated game launched this March, many fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the ending of the game, saying it felt ‘flat’ and didn’t bring enough closure to the story and its characters. The outcry led to a petition signed by hundreds of ME fans and eventually gained the attention of Bioware.

Bioware infamously buckled under the pressure, and promised they would create DLC to further explain the ending of the game. A move that, quite frankly, split the gaming industry in half.

This Tuesday, on Xbox and PC, players will finally get the chance to see Bioware’s revised vision for the game. The remastered ending will be told through cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes and offer a deeper insight into Commander Shepard’s journey based on player choices throughout the course of the trilogy. It also intends to give us a greater sense of where the Mass Effect series will go from this point on.

The Extended Cut will not fundamentally change the ending of Mass Effect 3, but will extend it in new, interesting ways. Bioware have also explained that, in order to see everything, you will need to complete the game in several different ways.

At present, Bioware have nothing to announce about the EU, Asia and Australia Playstation 3 version of the Extended Cut, but the North American version will also be available on June 26th.

On launch, the Extended Cut will be available to all Mass Effect 3 owners at no extra cost, and will set you back a whopping 1.9gb of storage space.

What does it include? Bioware aren’t saying, referring us instead to an interview podcast with Casey Hudson, Mac Walters and Jessica Merizan. The fact is, whether you loved the ending or not, the petitioners got their wish, and it’s almost time to find out how much of an impact that will have on a major Game of the Year contender…

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