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Alien: Isolation DLC Brings Original Cast Back Together

July 9, 2014, Author: Matt Parker

Today SEGA announced a piece of DLC for the upcoming Alien: Isolation. A piece of DLC normally wouldn’t get me writing but this looks pretty special. The reason being is that Creative Assembly have managed to reunite (most of) the cast of the original Alien film and are giving gamers the chance to creep around the Nostromo.

One slight caveat to my unbridled joy. It’s currently being touted as a pre-order bonus only. Oh, videogames…

As you can see from the trailer Ellen Ripley and co are recreated faithfully as is the Nostromo. Whilst the visuals are looking to recreate the film, the rest of the DLC is looking to deviate from the film and create a couple of ‘what if?’ scenarios.

The DLC on offer is made up of two ‘episodes’ (remember we used to call them ‘levels’ or ‘missions’?). The first is called ‘Crew Expendable’ and sees the player taking charge of different crew members, each with their own unique loadout.

The second is called ‘Last Survivor’ and will focus on Sigourney Weaver’s battle with the Xenomorph. Problem is, this one’s a retailer exclusive with only GameStop in the US being confirmed as one retailer offering this content. Everyone else has to do their own homework with SEGA only saying that ‘select retailers’ will offer access to this content.

Whilst this is all terribly exciting, there are questions that remain unanswered. For one, it’s not clear if this DLC will be available to people who don’t pre-order. It’s also not entirely clear if people who do pre-order will get the DLC for free. Then there’s also the retailer exclusive content which only goes to confuse things further.

Can’t I just buy it without putting money down beforehand? This isn’t a Kickstarter campaign, this is a AAA title!

Update: It seems that GAME, the UK retailer who are getting the exclusive Ripley mission are charging a premium for access to the DLC.