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British Academy Video Games Awards 2012: Live Text

March 16, 2012, Author: Andy Corrigan

It’s the day of the GAME BAFTA Awards 2012, and once again we have roving reporter Bryony getting all the gossip and news first hand!

Follow the link for our live text feed!

Please note: We’ve had a technical hitch with our usual live feed system, so it means you’ll need to refresh this page manually. Apologies for any inconvenience.

13:55: Bah, tech issues mean we’ll have to update this live feed manually, and you’ll need to refresh every so often. Bryony will be along shortly to bring you all the news as we have it. [Andy]

20:12 More tech issues. Hopefully now I am able to update this. If not, one of my TIMJ chums will be able to, and I’ll tweet. However, hopefully I’ll be able to get some winners’ interviews, so it’ll be a bit on-the-fly. [Bryony]

20:28 Despite technical gremlins doing their best to halt our coverage, we are ready for the awards to start at 21:00. So stay tuned for the news at it happens, possible jokes at the expense of the events sponsors by Dara and maybe even interviews with the winners afterwards. Stay tuned gang.

20:55 Only 5 minutes to go, feel free to comment with your predictions. Will Batman Arkham City clean up?

20:58 Dara is having a few microphone issues, at least its not just us that have had problems today.

21:07  Dara is on form having a few amusing digs at ITV using footage from Armour 2 in an IRA documentary. “the IRA didn’t have a uniform!”

21:10 Here we go The BAFTA Video Game Award for best Story goes to… Portal 2!

21:12 The BAFTA Video Game Award for  Original Music goes to… LA Noire!

Nothing for Skyrim or Unchartered??? 🙁

21:18 The BAFTA Video Game Award for Audio Achievement goes to Battlefield 3.

Strange award this one that leaves you saying Meh!

21:21 MW3’s Craig ‘Ghost’ Fairbrass presenting Best Design and can’t resit saying “Lets do this

The BAFTA Video Game Award for  Design goes to… Portal 2

2 wins so far, could this be a trend?

2 wins so far for Portal 2, could this be a trend?

21:26 All the footage of L.A. Noire and now Aaron Staton with a new season of Mad Men on the horizon is making me want to revisit the game. I fear it will not be a good night for them though.

The BAFTA Video Game Award for  Game Innovation goes to Little Big Planet 2

21:29 The BAFTA Video Game Award for best Strategy game goes to… Sho Gun 2!

21:34 The BAFTA Video Game Award for  Mobile & Handheld goes to… Peggle HD

21.37 Time for award voted by the public, all of GAMES problems are forgotten for one night only.

The BAFTA Video Game Award for  The GAME Award goes to… Battlefield 3!

21:43 The BAFTA Video Game Award for Action goes to…Batman Arkham City!

21:47 The BAFTA Video Game Award for  the BAFTA Ones To Watch Award goes to…Tick Tock Toys.

Little Big Planet 2 sitting on top of the world with two BAFTAS

21:52 The BAFTA Video Game Award for  Online – Browser game goes to…MonsterMind.

21:56 The BAFTA Video Game Award for Artistic Achievement goes to…Rayman Origins.

22:00  BAFTA  Special Award goes to Markus Persson of the phenomenon that is Minecraft.

I want to make games innovative again.

Well deserved win for a true Indie hero.

22:06 The BAFTA Video Game Award for  Sports/Fitness goes to…Kinect Sports 2

22:10 The BAFTA Video Game Award for Online Multiplayer goes to Battlefield 3

Big night for Battlefield 3 winning three awards.

 22:15 Not a good night for Skyrim or Uncharted 🙁

The BAFTA Video Game Award for Debut Game goes to..Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Great name for a game, but nobody here to collect the award so not sure how wacky they actually are.

22:19 The BAFTA Video Game Award for  best Family Game goes to… Little Big Planet 2

22:25 The BAFTA Video Game Award for Performer goes to Mark Hamil for Batman Arkham City.

I bet Aaron Staton is wishing he never flew in for the show.

22:29 Jonathan Ross points out the positives around gaming and talks how gaming has brought his whole family together rather than the negative stories you read in the newspapers.

The BAFTA Video Game Award for Best Game goes to… Portal 2

So the awards are spread out but Battlefield 3 and Portal 2 have three awards whilst Little Big Planet pick up a respectable two BAFTAS.

Both Skyrim and Uncharted leave the BAFTAS empty handed.

The big shock of the night is Skyrim and Uncharted which has left many people feeling a little miffed. Some will say that both of these games have been done before and that Portal 2 offered something different so deserve their win, but what about Battlefield 3? Many here are just glad its not Call of Duty.

It was fantastic to see that #baftagames was trending on Twitter and shows just how far gaming as come. I could talk about this all night but we have to rush back to the red carpet and will try to interview the winners. You will be able to read more about this in the next few days, but until then its goodnight from me.