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Dragon’s Crown Gets ‘Cross-Platform’ Support

October 23, 2013, Author: Matt Parker

Whilst I’ve been interested in Dragon’s Crown for some time now, I’ve never taken the plunge and bought the thing. It’s something about ‘that’ art style that just puts me off.

The game’s latest patch, however, has me interested in the game and, more importantly, the possibilities for the future.

You see, Dragon’s Crown is now a cross-platform title. Those of you playing on the PS3 can now hook up with your Vita owning buddies and vice versa. This is a great addition to Dragon’s Crown but has me really excited for the next-generation of titles.

Let's just say the art style 'exaggerates' 'assets' of the 'characters'...

Let’s just say the art style ‘exaggerates’ ‘assets’ of the ‘characters’…

With indie downloadable titles getting much love on the PS4 and Vita, this could be a feature that gets implemented in many games to come. Not to mention a large number of developers give you both the console and handheld versions of the game for one price.

There’s no doubt that there are exciting times ahead for those out there with the Vita and the PS4. By essentially giving you a portable platform on which to play your PS4 games, the Vita and the PS4 could end up offering what the Wii U and SmartGlass failed to make good on.