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Hitman: Absolution – Deluxe Professional Edition Unboxing

October 15, 2012, Author: Matt Parker

You know that a game’s nearly here when all that the publisher has left to show you is the box, how to open it and what’s inside.

Now it’s the turn of Hitman: Absolution. Set for release on the 20th November, Absolution has garnered some negative attention during its run-up to release, though this ‘Deluxe Professional Edition’ unboxing video’s unlikely to offend anyone. Not a latex wearing nun in sight.

The team at Eidos have managed to cram in some seriously worthwhile extras in this edition which is exclusive to Europe. There’s a 10” Hitman figurine, which looks to be boasting some nice finishing touches, such as the barcode on the back of Agent 47’s head, inscriptions on the pistols and a neat little tie-pin.

All of this could be yours (if you live in Europe and are willing to pay a premium).

Also included is an hour long ‘making-of’ documentary that seems to have more production value than your average bundle-in. The DVD gives you an insight into the troubles and dramas that were overcome during the production of the game and could well be worth a watch.

Finishing off, what self-respecting collector’s edition would be complete without an art book and some DLC? The hard-cover art book is essentially a book full of art. Yep. Not a lot to say on this, though given the interesting variety of levels and characters that appear to be in the game, if art books are your thing, this could be a good ‘un.

The DLC in question is called ‘The Agency Gun Pack’ and this unsurprisingly gives you more guns within the game. A shotgun, an LMG and a pistol, to be precise.

I didn’t mention the fact that you get ‘Hitman: Sniper Challenge’ as I figured that anyone interested in the game would have already got their hands on the high-score focused, pre-order bonus. Still, it’s in there and now you know.

It’s not often that a collector’s edition makes me think twice but this looks like it has some real value-for-money potential. Several sites have it listed for about £50, with the game set for a world-wide release on the 20th of November.