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Hitman: Absolution’s Launch Trailer Sneaks Out

November 17, 2012, Author: Matt Parker

We’re nearly there folks! Hitman: Absolution is out next Tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited. Oh wait, I just watched the launch trailer and guess what? It made me more excited!

Glad to see this trailer contains some dub-step ‘wub wub wubs’, slow motion and a sword to the face. It’s what modern computer games are all about and you can see for yourself right here.

Like it? Even if you didn’t, I still implore you to keep your eyes on TIMJ and the coverage we’ll have of Hitman: Absolution. Having previewed it myself, it’s seriously looking like one of my games of the year. These trailers just can’t capture the satisfying feeling you get from planning and executing the perfect hit.

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