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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – Confirmed for Rezzed

June 19, 2013, Author: Matt Parker

You all know that Rezzed is happening this weekend, right? The indie and PC game expo will be making this weekend all the better for those of you that can make it to Birmingham (UK).

Today’s news that Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number will be on the show floor and playable is just the icing on the gaming cake. Still not interested? Have a trailer.

The folks at Dennaton Games have spilled their guts whilst taking a break from spilling other people’s guts and have spoken about the sequel.

Dennaton say Hotline Miami 2 will be the conclusion to the series stating “all good things come to an end.”

Focused on two factions made up of a number of insane playable characters, the sequel will be just as frantic and as violent as the original, whilst the trailer shown today shows the first game’s style is still being stuck to. A good thing indeed.

The trailer came with some spiel, saying;

“A brutal conclusion to the gruesome saga, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number follows the escalating level of violence through multiple factions born from the events of the original game and driven by uncertain motivations. Step into the murderous mind of several distinct characters – each with their own motivations and methods of execution — as storylines intersect and reality slips away into a haze of neon and carnage.”

Sounds good to me. Hotline Miami 2 will be out this year and I’ll let you know what I think of it this Sunday.