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inFamous: Second Son Details

May 8, 2013, Author: Ariana Hester

inFamous: Second Son was announced a little while ago and since then we’ve not had a great deal of information. What’s going on with Sony’s open-world power trip?

Well, Game Informer has released a ten page spread dedicated to inFamous: Second Son and I’m here to summarize the details. Let’s dive right in.

The Basics:

Set 7 years after the events of inFamous 2, Second Son is an original storyline in the inFamous universe, featuring an all new lead protagonist, Native-American Delsin Rowe, with a new origin story.

The Story:
The government has created a new enforcement branch, Department of Unified Protection (DUP), that is dedicated to tracking and controlling Conduits (those with abilities) who are now viewed as bio-terrorists.

The crash of a transport vehicle in Seattle allows many conduits to escape, which causes the DUP to quarantine the area. In the aftermath, our Protagonist discovers his new found powers, the ability to control smoke.

The Gameplay:

Delsin will have the ability to throw a smoke projectile and smoking fireballs, a smoke dash (think Nightcrawler), immobilize enemies with a cloud of smoke and perform a move similar to Cole’s Thunder Drop by leaping down from high areas.

To refill your smoke supply you can use chimneys, destroyed cars, and tear gas canisters. If none are available, your standby weapon will be a chain.

If you’re thinking smoke isn’t your thing, Delsin also has the ability to sap other conduits power a la Rogue. Here’s where the PS4’s new controller comes into play. The touchpad will allow you switch abilities, free conduits from their cells, or absorb smoke by pressing both of your thumbs down.

Moral choices still play a big part of the game. You can choose if you wish to take the direct approach and kill officers or use air ducts to access and disable any security systems.

One thing to note is that it would seem some DUP member have powers of their own.

With E3 just one month away we can most likely expect more details and hopefully gameplay footage.