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Isometric, Futuristic, Looks Fantastic – Divide Coming To PS4

March 15, 2016, Author: Matt Parker

Get excited everyone! Divide is set to launch this year according to the Official Playstation Blog. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself – I guess I should explain what Divide is.

Essentially it’s an isometric dungeon crawler but it’s not dungeons you’re crawling through. Instead you’ll be creeping through futuristic offices of sci-fi mega corporations set in a Blade Runner-esque world. You’ll also be able to use stealth to work your way through the levels, so it’s more of an ‘office creeper’ than a ‘dungeon crawler’. It also looks lovely.

The video makes it look like it’ll control like a dual-stick shooter though the developers promise there’ll also be the opportunity to be a little more cerebral in your approach. Chris Tilton, one of the developers, says “Overrun areas can be cleared by blasting enemies with a powerful E-Laser (a high-tech standard sidearm), but they can also be circumvented with stealth and subterfuge.”

It’s not normal for me to get excited by a teaser trailer and some concept art, but then it’s not often a game ticks all of my sci-fi geek boxes quite like this. Between this and the new Deus Ex I should be getting some serious use out of my PS4 this year.