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Mew-Genics Gets a New Trailer

September 1, 2013, Author: Matt Parker

Who’s excited for Mew-Genics? You know, the game where you play as a ‘cat-lady’ and you mate cats with the aim being to create the ultimate cat. What the cat is ‘Ultimate’ at is up to you. Fight them, race them, enter them into beauty pageants – your choice.

If you think that sounds a bit odd, wait until you hear the music in the new trailer.


I’ve written about the soundtrack for Mew-Genics before, but this short video just goes to prove that it’s no accident. The whole thing is set to be bananas and I just can’t wait.

Team Meat, the guys behind the game and previous titles like Super Meat Boy, aim to have the game out in 2014. When in 2014, we don’t know.