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Microsoft review $99 XBOX 360 for global market

July 17, 2012, Author: Wayne Morgan

Microsoft is currently evaluating the success of its Xbox 360 subscription model which launched earlier this year.

The package works very much like a mobile phone contract agreement. It sees the customer purchase a 4GB  console and Kinect for $99 and then have a monthly subscription to XBOX Live for 24 months on top, costing $14.99 a month.

Microsoft are currently reviewing the success of the deal, and according to Vice President of Interactive Entertainment Business for Microsoft Europe, Chris Lewis, it is being considered outside of the United States.

Talking with VG247 Mr Lewis had this to say.

“It’ll be very interesting to see how it works out. We listen to what the consumers are asking for and we experiment with different propositions in different markets. There are certain things we’ve done in Europe over the years, for example; a lot of our soft and hard bundling initiatives have ended up becoming global initiatives based on consumption patterns. The one you describe there, we’ll similarly track that and see how that goes down. I think it’ll be very popular.”

Lewis hints that the first part of this process will roll out in North America, with more locations to possibly follow. This, of course, will be dependent on its success rate.

What do you think of this concept?

(Source: VG247)