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‘Murdered: Soul Suspect’ Developer Shuts Down

July 3, 2014, Author: Matt Parker

Airtight Studios, the people behind Dark Void and more recently Murdered: Soul Suspect have closed their doors. It’s safe to say that the lukewarm response their latest game received probably had a hand in the company’s demise. It just goes to show that if a developer isn’t making blockbusters, they’re never too far from going under.

Airtight‘s office in Redmond is now being sold off in what’s being described (on signs outside the office) as a ‘blow out sale’. Pictures have also emerged (thanks to GeekWire) of the E3 winners ribbons that the team gained over the years. It’s kind of eerie how an office full of busy people, plans for the future and accolades can simply cease to exist in but a few days.


A sign of better times.

If you’re interested in seeing another abandoned gaming company office, you can check out THQ’s headquarters which suffered a similar fate.

This was on the cards for a little while as in April the company cut 14 staff and said it was ‘actively seeking partners for exciting upcoming projects’. Airtight Games’ Twitter account has confirmed that the gig’s up and IGN tried to contact the now defunct company, but unsurprisingly had their email bounce back to them.

Good luck to all of those affected by the closure..