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One Fought the Four and the Four Won

June 11, 2013, Author: Matt Parker

Often, the console giants go head-to-head with each other at E3 and points are scored for both camps. Following this, a reasoned debate can take place where people discuss the pros and cons of each platform’s presentation. So, let’s do just that.

Be warned Microsoft fans, this may get ugly. AND I’M NOT JUST TALKING ABOUT HOW THE CONSOLES LOOK AMIRIGHT!?


This was an area where it could be argued that neither firm ‘won’. There’s a host of exclusives that have been announced for both consoles, with highlights looking to be Dead Rising 3Killer Instinct and A New Halo (I’d be amazed if it ends up just being called ‘Halo’).

The PS4 also came out swinging, lauding titles such as Killzone 4, InFamous: Second Son and DriveClub. In fact, DriveClub will be free for those of you that have Playstation+.

Speaking of free games, it’s been announced that Killer Instinct will be free-to-play. Sounds great? Well, you get one character for free with every other requiring some money from your wallet. I hate the sound of this, though pricing hasn’t been confirmed, so it may work out well. Either way, the prices will be in ‘Real Money’, as MS Points are to be scrapped. That’s a positive, right?

Anyway, we’ll call this a draw. Both have games that look great and both will be supported by third parties heavily.

Sony 0 – 0 Microsoft


Be careful what you wish for, folks. Sony have shown us the Playstation 4 and it isn’t pretty. Angular is a word I’d used to describe it. A lot.

We’ve already seen what the Xbox One looks like. In fact, I think there’s telescopes in space that can make it out.

Again, let’s call this a draw in the sense that nobody wins. Not that I care. A black plastic box looks like a black plastic box when it’s stuffed underneath my TV. It’s hardly sitting on a coffee table in the middle of the living room, is it?

Sony 0 – 0 Microsoft

This is where Xbox One fanciers need to look away, because Sony score a whole host of points right here.

Free Stuff

Microsoft have announced that Xbox LIVE members will start receiving free games in a move that’s so unashamedly ‘me too’ it’s laughable. Kicking off this service with Assassin’s Creed II (3 years old) and Halo 3 (5 years old) is hardly the way to make anyone care.

Sony, meanwhile, continue to make PS+ outstanding value for money. Whilst it’s a shame that a PS+ subscription is now requirement to play games online, the service seems to be getting stronger. From day one, the previously mentioned DriveClub will be available to members. PS3 games and Vita games will continue to be given away as well and with one membership covering all systems, the value for money still makes Xbox LIVE look a little underwhelming.

Sony 1 – 0 Microsoft


This is a fairly liquid concept. We all know that consoles plummet in price after six months, let alone 12, but a launch price says a lot about what a console aims to do.

With Microsoft launching at $499, they seem to be showing a lack of awareness of the world’s current financial status. Half a grand on a console isn’t entirely reasonable.

Sony undercut this by some margin. Whilst they’re hardly giving them away, $399 is a little more palatable.

Naturally though, the UK and Europe get boned, but we’re used to it by now. The Xbox One will launch at £429 ($667) and the PS4 will be £350 ($544).

Still, this one’s got to go to Sony.

Sony 2 – 0 Microsoft

Everything else

I’m going to just list the areas in which Sony have dominated now, as to break down each area would make this piece too long. Here’s what you need to know;

  • Xbox One requires you to connect to the internet every 24 hours – PS4 doesn’t need anything
  • Xbox One makes sharing games, lending games and selling games a convoluted mess that’s still not clear – PS4 doesn’t care, will allow you to sell discs and lend games
  • Xbox One will come with a 500gb HDD which seems a little slim considering every game needs to be installed (this can’t be upgraded) – PS4 will also come with a 500gb HDD, but this can be easily swapped out (like the current PS3’s HDD)
  • Xbox One will be region locked – PS4 won’t

Hard to keep track of, but I make that –

Sony 6 – 0 Microsoft


It may shock you, but I’m no Sony ‘fanboy’. The information here is entirely factual, though my interpretation of it is exactly that. My interpretation.

Everything I’ve seen so far, for me, stacks heavily in Sony’s favour. They’re keen on supporting devs and don’t want to make their consumers jump through hoops, which is exactly what Microsoft seem to be expecting people to do.

At this point in time, I see nothing that makes the Xbox One close to competitive. It holds no exclusives that I care for and its ‘features’ are things that my tablet does. They’ve got some serious competition now.

Overall, this competition can only be a good thing for us consumers and don’t forget the heart of the matter.

Some of these games looking fecking great!