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Scott Pilgrim game getting Online Multiplayer via surprise DLC!

August 8, 2012, Author: Andy Corrigan

That’s right, as odd as it might seem, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is getting some brand new DLC on the 19th of August, two years after it first launched. The DLC will finally bring in the online multiplayer that was sorely missing at launch, along with a new playable character in the form of Scott’s roommate, Wallace Wells.

The news was picked up by several sites, including our friends at Joystiq, who spotted the inconspicuous listing in a general blogpost from Major Nelson, detailing upcoming content to the Xbox Live Marketplace. According to the post, the DLC pack will cost just 400MSP.

Shortly afterwards, Ubisoft PR man, Alex Monney, confirmed the news on his twitter account, admitting that the DLC was due soon for both XBLA and PSN, and promised that there would be further news soon.

Released in 2010 to coincide with Edgar Wright’s awesome adaptation of Brian Lee O’Malley’s comic books, the game was a breath of fresh air for movie tie-ins. It managed to not only respect both the paper and film iterations of Scott Pilgrim, but also the retro games that inspired the character’s creation. Michael Charge tackled the review for us back then, and gave it his wholehearted endorsement.

While I too was utterly in love with it at the time, whether this will pull me back in, I’m not so sure. Still, I’m sure there will be many elated for the news and that it’ll be the DLC they didn’t even know they wanted.

Is that you? Let us know below!

(Source: Joystiq)