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Seth Killian leaves Capcom

June 20, 2012, Author: Andy Corrigan

Fans of Capcom’s fighting games will be saddened by the news that fan-favourite Community Manager, Seth Killian, is to leave his post this coming Friday. Killian announced the news from his Capcom Unity blog yesterday in what was a touching and heartfelt post.

Seth described his role as a ‘dream’, but explained his decision:

“I have chosen a new path which will let me embrace a new dream, but to everyone that ever believed in this dream we shared together, let me say this final thanks. I will leave as I began–a Capcom fan for life, looking forward to all the great games still to come.”

He also took time to address the fans:

“Even as you give us hell and ask us to do better, remember the progress we’ve made together and know that this company is full of great individuals who share your love for the games, and that they are always trying to chart the path to make games that are worthy of your dedication.”

In amongst the thanks to all those at Capcom and the fighting game community, Seth singled out special praise for producers Yoshinori Ono (Street Fighter), Ryota Niitsuma (Versus series), and the sadly-deceased Chief Operating Officer, Mark Beaumont.

Seth, like many others (and certainly me!), fell in love with the Street Fighter series back in the 90’s, but his love for the game became more substantial than it did for most.

It dominated his life, as he went on to compete at the highest level around the world, and it eventually led to him working closely with his contemporary heroes in more recent years. As well as having more than a hand in the genre’s second coming, his contribution also enabled Capcom to converse directly with their players far more, allowing those highly-regarded and respected in the fighting game community to have a voice.

The full goodbye can be found on his blog here, and it’s well worth a read for fans of fighters, full of grace, tact and ‘Guile’. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

As a huge fan of all things Street Fighter myself, I extend my sincerest thanks to Seth for his part in bringing fighting games back to the forefront of the industry, and I wish him all the luck in the world with his future endeavours.

(Source: Capcom Unity)